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Enhance the Sports/Events Experience!

event imageThe Hop Swap IT system is a business communication solution. Have users simply log into one of the various HSI Loggers. Press one button to have all paged to return for an event or to a location. Open new interactions with staff, participants, attendees and spectators. Improve service, become more efficient, and save costs. Engage, entertain, and retain by offering more options and better service through Hop Swap IT.

The Hop Swap IT system can be used to:

Message people for various events without having to get their information
Use for coordination of meeting return times
Use to coordinate teams or individuals of start times
Provide meeting announcements during events

Great for golf tee-off times where a party of four is called to the tee at the same time.

Increase Marketing

  • Welcome diners with menus, videos and promotional items
  • Provide easy access for diners to find social media platforms
  • Allow diners to Like, Check In, Share, and Review restaurant
  • Allow diners to repost and retweet messages from the restaurant

Provide Communication

  • Page multiple people at once
  • Synchronize communication and timing
  • Encourage participants/attendees to visit online sites and social media
  • Invite participants/attendees to follow event or venue on social media
  • Provide participants/attendees a means to engage with the event coordinators and staff

Gain Market Share

  • Allow participants/attendees to enroll into a customer database
  • Link participants/attendees to rewards program
  • Send promotions to valued participants/attendees
  • Offer incentives and specials during non-peak hours

Improve Service

  • Provide pre-registration forms directly to participants/attendees
  • Eradicate long lines by quickly showing a display code for registration
  • Eliminate the slow process of typing/writing information
  • Welcome participants/attendees with a message linking to information and/or promotions
  • Allow immediate feedback with electronic forms sent directly to smartphone

Decrease Cost

  • Eliminate time-consumer tasks such as typing and writing
  • Reduce staff by implementing EVA (Enhanced Virtual Assistant)

hsi logger

With Hop Swap IT, participants/attendees will show a display code to the HSI Logger and receive a welcome message that confirms their place/attendance and provide information as they wait. A page will alert them to return and encourage them to engage in social media. Once completed participants/attendees will receive a message thanking them and invite them to take a survey.

To find the best Hop Swap IT system for your event/venue call a sales representative or click on the products below for further examinination.

Why participants/attendees like Hop Swap IT

  • Increases their range
  • Provide them anonymity
  • Easily pass information
  • Easy to set up
  • Assures their place
  • Free to use