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Enhance the Office Experience!

The Hop Swap IT system is a business communication solution that streamlines the human resource process. Personnel will be able to receive and submit their benefits forms directly to and from their smartphone. Have personnel show their phone at an HSI Logger in preparation to the benefit overview meeting. Benefits forms will be sent to their smartphone. Show how to fill the benefits form in the presentation and enable submition directly. No scanning or retyping. Personnel will not have to submit immediately if crucial information is missing. Ask for a Software Solutions HSI representative to go over this streamlining process.

Provide immediate onsite employee application forms. Have perspective employees sign-in with Hop Swap IT at an HSI Logger. The employee application form will be sent by linked message in the language selected. Reduce printing of multi-language forms. Forms may also be delivered to the proper personnel based on language type.

Provide Communication

  • Page personnel when forms are incomplete or incorrect
  • Direct translation contact
  • Bulk employee message notifications
  • Provide electronic forms directly to staff’s smartphone
  • Reduce navigation of complicated websites
  • Notify staff when appointments open
  • Improve your staff’s privacy rights

Decrease Costs

  • Fix transposition errors due to typing
  • Reduce personnel interaction time
  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Reduce costs associated with printing, paper, and toner

Improve Service

  • Streamline employee processing
  • Provide forms directly to staff
  • Auto-process input data
  • Remove time-consumer tasks such as scanning

hsi logger

With Hop Swap IT, staff will log into the HSI Logger and receive a welcome message that confirms their attendance and provide forms to fill or information as they wait. Staff will receive a page alerting them when Human Resources is ready to see them.

To find the best Hop Swap IT system for your office call a sales representative or click on the products below for further examinination.

Why staff and staff like Hop Swap IT

  • Increases their range
  • Provide them anonymity
  • Easily pass information
  • Easy to set up
  • Assures their place in line
  • Free to use