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Enhance the Spa/Salon Experience!

The Hop Swap IT system is a business communication solution utilized to promote a spa/salon while opening new interactions with clients, improving service, becoming more efficient, and saving costs. Improve service by paging clients to return for service and make improvements in areas where walk-ins are welcome. Allow staff to immediately notify potential clients of cancellation openings. Engage clients by offering more options and better service through Hop Swap IT.

Provide Communication

  • Page clients for service
  • Notify cients when appointments open
  • Send appointment to client’s smartphone/calendar

Increase Marketing

  • Welcome clients with videos and promotional items
  • Provide easy access for clients to find social media platforms
  • Allow clients to Like, Check In, Share, and Review spa/salon
  • Allow clients to repost and retweet messages from the spa/salon

Regain Lost Revenue

  • Send appointment reminders
  • Bulk notifications to available patients when cancellations occur

Gain Market Share

  • Allow clients to enroll into a customer database
  • Link clients to rewards program
  • Send promotions to valued clients
  • Offer incentives and specials during non-peak hours

Decrease Costs

  • Remove time-consumer tasks such as typing and writing by staff
  • Reduce costs associated with printing, paper, and toner
  • Increase employee productivity utilizing EVA, the Enhanced Virtual Assistant

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With Hop Swap IT, clients will log into the wait list and receive a welcome message that confirms their presence and provide information as they wait. Clients will receive a page alerting them that staff is ready to see them. Once served, clients will receive a message thanking them for their patronage and invite them to take a survey.

To find the best Hop Swap IT system for your business call a sales representative or click on the products below for further examinination.

Why clients and staff like Hop Swap IT

  • Increases their range
  • Provide them anonymity
  • Easily pass information to staff
  • Easy to set up
  • Assures their place in line
  • Free to use