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 Service Completion

Enhance the Service Experience!

cleanerThe Hop Swap IT system is a business communication solution utilized to streamline communication to customers. Let customers know when service is completed and available for pick up. Promote the company while opening new interactions with customers, improving service, becoming more efficient, and saving costs. Engage, entertain, and retain customers by offering more options and better service through Hop Swap IT.

Improve Service

  • Increase throughput by processing pickups quicker
  • Decrease storage of forgotten items
  • Eradicate long lines by quickly showing a display code to enter the wait list
  • Eliminate the slow process of typing/writing information on every visit
  • Allow immediate customer feedback with electronic forms sent directly to smartphone

Provide Communication

  • Page customers when ready for service
  • Page customers when service is complete
  • Ask customers to participate in rewards program and submit a survey

Increase Marketing

  • Encourage customers to visit online sites and social media
  • Invite customers to follow the company on social media
  • Provide customers a means to engage with the company and interact with management
  • Ask customers to submit a survey

Gain Market Share

  • Allow customers to enroll into a customer database
  • Link customers to rewards program
  • Send promotions to valued customers

Decrease Cost

  • Eliminate time-consumer tasks such as typing and writing
  • Increase employee productivity utilizing self-logging feature

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With Hop Swap IT, customers will log into the wait list and receive a welcome message that confirms their place in line and provide information as they wait. When ready for service a customers will receive a page alerting them to return and encourage them to engage in social media. Once service is completed, customers will receive a message thanking them for their patronage and invite them to take a survey.

To find the best Hop Swap IT system for your busines call a sales representative or click on the products below for further examinination.

Why customers like Hop Swap IT

  • Increases their range
  • Provide them anonymity
  • Easily pass information for Reward Programs
  • Easy to set up
  • Assures their place in line
  • Free to use