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 Appointment Protector

appointment corrector imageThe Appointment Protector is a standalone solution from Hop Swap IT and the perfect addition for a front office system that quickly notifies clients/patients when an appointment opening has occurred. We have all been in a situation where we attempted to make an appointment only to find that no time was available. With the Appointment Protector, clients/patients are entered into a list in hopes that a time slot will open due to a cancellation. If a cancellation occurs, all clients/patients are notified at a touch of a button with a message indicating the available time. The first to reply will be awarded the appointment and receive confirmation. This system can be utilized for individual/group service providers as well as an entire staff of independent providers. This system is imperative to medical, health, and personal care providers where appointment cancellations directly affect revenue.

Step 1 Enter clients/patients on the list that are available.
Requires Name, Mobile Phone Number, Block Specification
(A block represents a specific time allotment or procedure.)

Step 2 As cancellations occur, fill out four quick appointment fields.
(An outgoing message is automatically created.)
Press one button to notify all available clients/patients of the available appointment time and return schedule number. The first caller to call back will secure the appointment.


  • Assign clients/patients to individual staff member or to entire staff for greater opportunity
  • Contacts perspective clients/patients for an appointment
  • Notify clients/patients that are within the vicinity
  • Clients/Patients gain freedom while waiting for anticipated opening


  • Excellent low-cost solution that immediately regains lost revenue due to cancellations
  • Provides immediate service to fill an appointment
  • Reduces staff time involved in calling clients/patients for an appointment
  • Opens avenues for social media marketing
  • Works with Mac, Windows, and iPad, Surface tablets

Hop Swap IT with EVA (Enhanced Virtual Assistant) provides a personalized experience using your client’s own smart phone.  Staff will no longer misspell, mispronounce, or transpose a client’s information. More importantly, clients will have a paperless way to privately and securely provide information.