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 EVA (Enhanced Virtual Assistant)

EVA imageEVA, the Enhanced Virtual Assistant for Hop Swap IT, is a front office business solution that will greet your clients and direct them to sign-in for service. Once signed in, EVA will notify staff that a client has arrived and is now in the reception area waiting to be greeted. In addition, EVA will send the client a confirmation as well as vital information and/or forms to fill while they wait.

New Marketing Avenues

Expand marketing campaigns by linking social media channels to an outgoing message. Allow guests to expand your brand awareness. Hop Swap IT will open new avenues for marketing on social media channels. Guests will be able to easily promote your business and/or brand to friends, family, and the community.


  • Accept client upon entering office
  • Notify staff of client arrival
  • Present information to client
  • Provide forms for client to fill
  • Route client to website
  • Send forms to staff
  • Notify staff when form is completed


  • Decrease staff costs
  • Eliminate typing errors
  • Minimize data entry and redundancy
  • Inform client of policies and procedures
  • Reduce paper with electronic forms
  • Clients check-in within seconds without sharing name and number with other clients
  • Clients utilize the same Hop Swap IT app at all participating locations

Hop Swap IT with EVA (Enhanced Virtual Assistant) provides a personalized experience using your client’s own smart phone.  Staff will no longer misspell, mispronounce, or transpose a client’s information. More importantly, clients will have a paperless way to privately and securely provide information.