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Hop Swap It

Hop Swap IT imageHop Swap IT is the free-to-use app available to the public for iPhone and Android smart phones that communicates with the HSI family of products where waiting in line is a necessity. Hop Swap IT provides a simple interface with an easy-to-use setup process to facilitate operation. Hop Swap IT allows customers, clients, patients, and diners to sign-in quickly for service without ever compromising their privacy. The smartphone, with the free Hop Swap IT app, opens a line of communication by working in tandem with a tablet with an HSI product. The login process simply involves showing a display code to the tablet to enter the wait list for service. Hop Swap IT is a unique product with privacy and security that is offered by no other system through its patent-pending process, which is HIPAA compliant. No longer is there a need to ask for names, phone numbers and other private information, illuminating the risk of identity theft. In addition, Hop Swap IT remains the most sanitary solutions for communication as the consumer uses their own smartphone device. Hop Swap IT utilizes email and text messaging to communicate between the tablet and a smartphone device. Hop Swap IT is well suited for many industries with multiple locations and is always free to the end user.

The Hop Swap IT product line includes the HSI Logger (Free), HSI Logger Extreme, HSI Notifier Extreme, and our latest product EVA the Enhanced Virtual Assistant. Another product offered is the Appointment Protector which is in partnership with but does not require Hop Swap IT. We offer a "free" and an at-cost “extreme” versions of the HSI Logger. Our product line continues to grow as industry dictates and where there is a need. Some of the features utilized in these products are to send forms, notifications, appointment, reminders and pertinent information. Messages can also include social media channels, which have the unique ability to increase web traffic and expand an online marketing presence.

Benefits & Features


  • Include links to products and services immediately
  • Provide menus
  • Open avenues to social media


  • Provide paging/messaging service
  • Provide forms

Market Share

  • Link to rewards program
  • Opt-in database members


  • Provide a mechanism to browse service and products
  • Allow for surveys and other customer feedback

Decrease Costs

  • Staff works more efficiently by automating mundane tasks
  • Staff becomes more productive by removing time-consuming tasks