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 HSI Logger (Free) for Hop Swap IT

Logger Free imageThe HSI Logger (Free) for Hop Swap IT is a unique logging system that allows customer service businesses to manage customer paging when waiting for service is needed. The HSI Logger for Hop Swap IT, removes those unsanitary pagers and their charging stations and eliminates the endless need for pens and pads. The need to ask for names and phone numbers no longer exists, keeping your guests privacy and anonymity a key feature offered by no other through our patent pending process. If your customers need to wait, allow them the comfort and freedom to wait how they want to. Simply press a button to page your customer utilizing their smartphone when it’s their time for service.

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New Marketing Avenues

Expand marketing campaigns by linking social media channels to an outgoing message. Allow guests to expand your brand awareness. Hop Swap IT will open new avenues for marketing on social media channels. Guests will be able to easily promote your business and/or brand to friends, family, and the community.


  • Removes hand-held paging devices and charging stations
  • Eliminates repair, replacement, and unsanitary conditions associated with hand-held devices
  • No expensive annual or monthly subscription fees
  • Opens avenues for social media marketing
  • Enters guests to waitlist within seconds without asking for names and numbers
  • No limit to the number of pages sent by a restaurant
  • Guests can conveniently auto-log into the waitlist when needed
  • Guests gain freedom and mobility to wait inside, outside, or run a quick errand
  • Pages received through text and email for redundancy
  • Guests utilize the same Hop Swap IT app at all participating locations

Hop Swap IT with the HSI Logger provides a personalized experience using your guest’s own smart phone. Staff will no longer misspell, mispronounce, or transpose a guest’s information. More importantly, guests will never miss their call.