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 HSI Logger Extreme for Hop Swap IT

Logger Extreme imageHSI Logger Extreme for Hop Swap IT is a unique logging system that allows restaurants to manage customer paging as well as table assignments for guest and staff. The HSI Logger Extreme for Hop Swap IT, like the Free Logger, removes those unsanitary pagers and their charging stations from the podium and/or front desk. The HSI Logger Extreme replaces the endless need for pens and pads. The need to ask for names and phone numbers no longer exists, keeping your guests privacy and anonymity a key feature offered by no other through our patent pending process.

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New Marketing Avenues

Expand marketing campaigns by linking social media channels to an outgoing message. Allow guests to expand your brand awareness. Hop Swap IT will open new avenues for marketing on social media channels. Guests will be able to easily promote your business and/or to friends, family, and the community.


  • Removes hand-held paging devices and charging stations
  • Eliminates repair, replacement, and unsanitary conditions associated with hand-held devices
  • No expensive annual or monthly subscription fees
  • Opens avenues for social media marketing
  • Logger can be locked, disabling any other app from use without first entering a pass code
  • Enters guests to waitlist within seconds without asking for names and numbers
  • Assign staff and diners to tables for reporting
  • No limit to the number of pages sent by a restaurant
  • Guests can conveniently auto-log into the waitlist when needed
  • Guests gain freedom and mobility to wait inside, outside, or in the lounge
  • Multiple guests within a single party can separate and receive the same party notification
  • Pages received through text and email for redundancy
  • Guests utilize the same Hop Swap IT app at all participating locations

Hop Swap IT with the HSI Logger provides a personalized experience using your guest’s own smart phone. Staff will no longer misspell, mispronounce, or transpose a guest’s information. More importantly, guests will never miss their call.

If you are migrating from the HSI Free Logger, then this will be a simple upgrade with little training.

Logger Extreme imageThe HSI Logger Extreme is designed with four panels for ease of use functionality:

        • Logger
        • Table
        • Personnel
        • Admin

Click on image for slideshow of panels


The Logger Panel

The Logger screen is where the host/hostess will set the Party Size and log guest's into the Wait List by having guest show their Hop Swap IT code to the HSI Logger. The Wait List will display either the guest's information or an anonymous code depending on their selection. Once on the list, a party can be called and then removed from the list.

Auto Logging

Auto Logging is a new feature that allows guests to log themselves into the wait list when a host/hostess is either not employed or away from the podium. They simply walk up, show their code to the HSI Logger capture screen, and choose their party size. The screen will then return to the capture screen.

The Table Panel

The Table screen is where all tables in the restaurant are entered by number and identified by type. The tables are displayed in a list. Guests and Staff are then assigned to tables and marked as seated, open, or closed. The HSI Logger Extreme+ has a Table/Dining Room Floor Layout option. This will allow tables to be displayed as they are on the floor.

The Personnel Panel

The Personnel screen is where staff are entered.  This allows staff to be assigned to tables on the dining room floor. Reports can then be generated and analyzed based on table, staff, and party size.

The Admin Panel

The Admin screen is where registration and setup for the HSI Logger are performed as well as setting options and the outgoing message. In this panel Auto Logging, Sending Reports, and getting Help can be found.

HSI Logger Extreme+

The HSI Logger Extreme+ comes with all the great features of the Extreme version. Where this version differs is in the Table Panel. With the purchase of the Extreme+ you will have the capability of displaying the tables in a custom layout view as they are on the dining room floor. This will give your staff a more visually appealing way to assign guests and staff to tables. The Extreme+ also comes with on-the-fly messaging.