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 HSI Notifier for Hop Swap IT

Notifier Extreme imageThe HSI Notifier Extreme for Hop Swap IT offers the front office staff a high level of organization while providing clientele the convenience and privacy they deserve. The HSI Notifier Extreme streamlines the process for creating appointments while ensuring notification. Client's will leave the office with their next appointment already in their calendar. This is a great benefit as there will be no need to fill-out an appointment card, which takes time and will inevitably get lost or accidently thrown out. Clientele will no longer need to share personal information in the receptionist’s area for all to hear. Client’s will receive a notification reminder by text and/or email two days prior to their appointment.

Save time and energy in your front office by integrating the HSI Notifier Extreme, a simple low cost solution.

New Marketing Avenues

Expand marketing campaigns by linking social media channels to an outgoing message. Allow clientele to expand your brand awareness. Hop Swap IT will open new avenues for marketing on social media channels. Clientele will be able to easily promote your business and/or brand to friends, family, and the community


  • Create appointments
  • Send appointments to patient’s smartphone calendar
  • Provide reminders by text and/or email
  • Present patient log-in and prep questions
  • Adjust the amount of days for notification reminder
  • Create list of default appointment types
  • Paperless solution
  • Patients check-in within seconds without sharing name and number with other patients
  • Patients utilize the same Hop Swap IT app at all participating locations

Hop Swap IT with the HSI Notifier Extreme provides a personalized experience using your clientele’s own smart phone. Staff will no longer misspell or transpose a patient’s information. More importantly, clients will never miss an appointment.