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Training staff on how to use the HSI line of products for business with the Hop Swap IT system is available. For information about how to schedule training sessions or for pricing please call a sales representative.

Customized Messaging

Utilizing custom messages in the HSI product line is a great way to personalize Hop Swap IT for any application. Provide links to online sites, reward programs, surveys, information, menus, and social media. Create new avenues for building marketing campaigns and increasing brand awareness. Expand online interest through social media connections which can include options to share, like, follow and review.

Free Data Forwarding

This is accomplished by placing a link in the outgoing custom message via text or email. Customers will receive the page and have the option to click on the link if interested.


In your logger, place the message as below with a link where you want them to go on your website.

"Please return for service. We invite you to sign-up for our rewards program by touching the link http:\\www.amyscafe.com\rewards"

The website would provide an electronic form to fill and post the data. This is to ensure that consent is obtained and have willingly opted into the program.

Premium Data Forwarding

Premium Data Forwarding is available for the HSI Logger Extreme, HSI Notifier Extreme, and EVA. Our premium service works similarly to the free service. When the customer clicks on a link, Hop Swap IT fills out the information on a form automatically. Data can be exported to a pre-existing customer database from our database when users choose to give information to their favorite venue. Hop Swap IT can either post it to servers immediately, or provide the information to be batch processed at a scheduled time. This makes for a fast one click opt-in, and eliminates the need to fill out any forms. There is a onetime setup fee to coordinate the deliver of data. There is also a service fee. This can be arranged per message delivered or a monthly subscription. For more information about premium data forwarding or setup fees please call a sales representative.

Online Forms

This is a premium service for businesses that do not have any online forms, or the means to create and/or collect customer data. We can create custom online forms for customer surveys, reward programs, and specialty items for any application. For more information about online forms or setup fees please call a sales representative.

Data Reporting

This service is for a business that does not have the means to host data and generate forms. Businesses can utilize the servers of Hop Swap IT to host survey data with reports being generated monthly. Call for pricing. For more information about hosting data and setup fees please call a sales representative.